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Position :: Director, Creative Services

Responsibilities ::

Develop and execute creative services including: Strategic, Concept, Content, Design and Brand Development.

Create and execute media solutions including: Website design, Email Marketing, Print Design, Promotional Campaigns, Dimensional Mail and Display/POP Design.

As a team leader, to oversee the proper synergy between marketing and creative services - ensuring the correct alignment of objective, strategy, concept, brand and client expectations for each phase of campaign management.

As a team player to take direction well and collaborate with enthusiasm, urgency, humor and competence. My skill set includes in-depth knowledge and experience with most web, interactive, animation, design, graphics, illustration and development applications.

Applications experience include: Dreamweaver, Flash ActionScript Animation, Fireworks, HTML/CSS, ColdFusion, QuarkXPress, Photoshop, ImageReady, Illustrator, MS Office, Powerpoint, Pagemaker & Excel, more… Mac & PC

Clients ::

Ryles Jazz Club, Holland America Line, Amusement Media, Salomon, Temple Beth Avodah, Patricia Adams Quartet, Jodi Griffith Band, Starz Whitening, Flashmap Systems, Graphics Marketing Group, Eyeon Enterprises, RSH Consulting, New England Door, Pamela Markson Interiors, Cambridge Sheet Metal, Robbins Entertainment, More…

Position :: Strategic Planning and Manager of Creative Services

Responsibilities ::

Engineer and manage the complete development and installation of a large format printing facility in Stafford, NH. The purpose of the facility was to provide the in-house capability to print billboard graphics for AMI's outdoor advertising national network of amusement park billboards. Upon completion, the facility was successfully deployed and completely replaced the outsourced solutions at significant savings.

Design, contract and manage a build-out for the facility, research, procurement and installation of 60” large-format printing, plotting, laminating and finishing equipment, shipping & receiving areas, networks, computers, software, workflow systems, employee training and management of the creative services and web development promoting these new capabilities.

Business Development ::

With excess capacity in the off-season, we developed new markets including:

Large-format printing for commercial markets (Business, Tradeshow etc.)

Large-format printing, specialty markets (Hockey Dasher, Amusement Billboard, Event)

Freelance during this period: Ryles Jazz Club, Siegel Egg Co., Holland America Line, New England Door Corp., Temple Beth Avodah, Chestnut Hill Realty Corp.

Position :: Founder, Marketing & Creative Services Agency

Responsibilities ::

Presided over national promotional, advertising & marketing agency with offices in Newton, MA, Essex, CT and Seattle, WA. As a 25-30 person work-group styled marketing group, DRI provided services including; market research, strategic development, positioning and brand management, creative services, account and production management, back-end response and fulfillment services.

These services enabled our clients to achieve such long-term objectives as strategic marketing, image, positioning and branding, as well as such short-term promotional objectives necessary to maintain quarterly stockholder expectations.

Clients including::

American Airlines, American Express, Analog Devices, Amusement Media, AVIS, Bass Shoe, Elan Ski, Bull, Fidelity Investments, FTP Software, Greater Boston C&VB, Holland America Line, Lipton Tea, NE Direct Marketing Association, New England Electric Services, NSTAR/Edison Energy-Efficiency Initiative, NSTAR/Edison Contractor Safety Initiative, Combined Utilities Energy & Telecom Deregulation Benchmarking Practices Initiatives, Phoenix V&CB, Reebok Int’l, Rockport Shoe, Windstar Cruises, plus many more.

1979, Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, NY | Dual Majors: Bachelor of Arts, Business and Government

1978, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA | School of Government, Summer School

1975, Boston College Law School, Newton, MA | School of Law, Evening School, Intro. to Tort Law

1972, MIT Educational Studies, Cambridge, MA | Computer Science

New England Direct Marketing Association (NEDMA), 1993::

• Best of Show - Creative Excellence Award, Integrated Marketing
• First Place - Creative Excellence Award, Integrated Marketing
• Creative Excellence Award, Integrated Marketing

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